Two Dreams

There are two dreams I have had in my life that I remember for their clarity and message much more than any other dream.

Some time shortly before graduating from college, I dreamed that I was at a port, getting ready to board a ship with my college friends. I held them dear to my heart, although I felt that the women they met during those years didn’t always accept me as a friend of their boyfriends. I wasn’t so lucky with relationships in college.

In the dream, I was the one to arrive first at the port, well before anyone else did. I was very excited for our journey. I waited patiently but obediently for my friends to arrive. Even as other random families boarded the ship, I stayed there waiting like a family dog, knowing my friends wouldn’t disappoint.

After a sizeable stream of passengers filed in, my friends and their dates finally showed up, drunkenly pouring out of a limousine, and thanking me in slurred words as they stumbled through the gate I held for them.

Finally, it was my turn to enter and join the party. But before I could, the gate was closed before me, and the gatekeeper announced, “sorry, boat’s full.”

My friends convinced me to row a boat behind the ocean liner with a plan to catch up and board it so we could be together. The final moments of that dream consist of my friends waving at me from the back of the ship as I hopelessly rowed toward them, watching them fade into the sunset.

Another dream I had was that I somehow found myself enslaved with other humans under a race of strange aliens. At one point the aliens began a gladiator spectacle, lining up against a wall facing the human victims on the other side. There was a current of molten lava between us. The aliens had the benefit of possessing chains, which they threw toward us in an attempt to knock us in to the lava. the chains had additional weapons, such as cat ‘o nine tails, at the end.

In my dream, I witnessed a few humans dragged to their deaths from these chains. The aliens cheered on the other side. But… when an alien threw a chain toward me, I grabbed it, and pulled back. This, in turn, shocked the alien on the other end, and dragged it into the fire. The tides had turned. What at first was a human massacre suddenly turned into a more equal threat, and the aliens knew it. There was chaos.

Unfortunately, that’s all I remember. But I do know which message I’d rather follow. Do I row with all my might toward a destination I know I’ll never reach? Or do I seize my opportunity and fight for my place?

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